Air Crash Investigation

Air Crash Investigation

Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses. Plane crashes and near-disasters from around the globe are investigated in meticulous detail, providing a look into what went wrong and if they could have been prevented. These events have helped change aviation safety and brought about some of the most important standard regulations that we know today. Survivor accounts and event re-enactments weave gripping tales while computer generated images (CGI) and expert testimony better explain the reasons behind the fatal or near fatal events. Major real-life air disasters are depicted in this series. Each episode features a detailed dramatized reconstruction of the incident based on cockpit voice recorders and air traffic control transcripts, as well as eyewitnesses recounts and interviews with aviation experts.
Premiere Date: September 3, 2003
Casts: Stephen Bogaert, Jonathan Aris
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Country: GB
Air Day: Friday
Season 22 Episodes

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