Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

In the 1970s and early 80s, the outlaw bikie scene was in its fledgling days. More wild west than organized crime, the Comancheros vied with many other motorcycle gangs for territory. As the tribes fought, the Comancheros were also fighting their own internal battle, with the Supreme Commander, Jock Ross, recruiting men to his club with the purpose of being the one dominant motorcycle gang in Sydney and eventually Australia. Not everyone agreed with his tactics. When the men challenged him, Jock split the club in what was a betrayal of his most loyal acolyte, Anthony Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms is a six-part Australian drama miniseries, screened on Network Ten on 15 May 2012. Bikie Wars is based on the book Brothers in Arms by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey. The screenplay was written by Greg Haddrick, Roger Simpson and Jo Martino. It is directed by Peter Andrikidis. Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms cost A$6,000,000 to make.
Premiere Date: May 15, 2012 (US)
Casts: Susie Porter, Matt Nable, Luke Ford, Anthony Hayes, Maeve Dermody, Callan Mulvey
Air Time: 6:30 AM
Country: AU
Air Day: Tuesday

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