Black Sails

Black Sails

Black Sails is a television series that is set up as a prequel to classic book of Robert Louis Stevenson entitled Treasure Island. It follows the adventures of cutthroat corsair Captain Flint and his crew of brutal buccaneers, whose plundering ways have led them to the brink of extinction. Flint’s fight for survival forces him to seek sanctuary on the debauched pirate paradise New Providence Island, a place defined by both its enlightened ideals and stunning brutality. On the journey, Flint will take on a young, fast-talking addition to his crew— one, John Silver. Stars Toby Stephens, Tom Hopper, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Hannah New, Zach McGowan, Luke Arnold, Mark Ryan, Hakeem Kae Kazim, Toby Schmitz, Clara Paget, and Sean Michael. The pirate adventures of Captain Flint and his men twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island.” Flint, the most brilliant and most feared pirate captain of his day, takes on a fast-talking young addition to his crew who goes by the name John Silver. Threatened with extinction on all sides, they fight for the survival of New Providence Island, the most notorious criminal haven of its day – a debauched paradise teeming with pirates, prostitutes, thieves and fortune seekers, a place defined by both its enlightened ideals and its stunning brutality.
Premiere Date: January 25, 2014
Casts: Zach McGowan, Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Clara Paget, Hannah New, Toby Schmitz, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Tom Hopper, Louise Barnes, Sean Cameron Michael, Mark Ryan, Ray Stevenson, Luke Roberts
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Saturday

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