The Cafe

The Cafe

Sitcom set in and around a café in Weston-Super-Mare run by the generational trilogy of Mary, Carol and Sarah. Acting as the social hub of the seafront town, the café sees all walks of life pass through. Sarah is in her late twenties and has recently returned home from London as she attempts to pursue a writing career. Many of her old school adversaries still live in the area and are frequent visitors to the café. Richard, Sarah’s former childhood sweetheart is a care home assistant by day and a musician by night whose feathers are ruffled when fellow class-mate and former love rival, John, now a successful events manager in London, returns to Weston to visit his elderly mother. Chloe is Sarah’s oldest friend who works in the local hairdresser and always looks on the bright side of life. Her father, Stan is a frequent visitor to the café due in the most part to his fondness for Carol. Carol, however, has more pressing matters on her mind as Brenda Keily, a local successful entrepreneur, threatens to take her family business away. Also resident in Weston-Super-Mare are Ava, the polish receptionist at the hairdresser, and The Dobsons, regular customers at the café. Other regulars who drop by include ‘Big Issue Frank’ and Weston-Super-Mare’s very own living statue, Keiran.
Premiere Date: November 23, 2011
Casts: Martin Klebba, David Lyons, Keith David, Summer Glau, Jennifer Ferrin, Ryan Wynott, Dorian Missick, Vinnie Jones, James Frain
Air Time: 9pm
Air Day: Wednesday

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